[Diabetes] Commonly used herbs in TCM remedies 【消渴症(糖尿病)】中医处方里常见的中药

In the classic texts of TCM, diabetes is known as a medical condition called “消渴” (Xiao Ke), which shows signs of increased hunger, increased thirst, frequent urination, weight loss, weakness etc. It is a long-term energy-depleting medical condition that leads to physical weakness of the body.

翻阅中医古书籍, “糖尿病” 这个名词不存在。不过,这不意味中医对糖尿病没有认识。中医以 “消渴” 这一病名指多食、多饮、多尿、尿甜、体瘦、虚弱等为主要特征的一种身体长期消耗而导致虚弱的疾病,近似现代医学的糖尿病。

Commonly used TCM herbs to alleviate the symptoms of diabetes or to stabilise blood glucose levels include:


  1. 人参 (Ren Shen) Ginseng
  2. 淮山 (Huai Shan) Chinese Yam
  3. 黄芪 (Huang Qi) Astragalus Root
  4. 枸杞 (Gou Qi) Chinese Wolfberry
  5. 桑椹 (Sang Shen) Mulberry
  6. 熟地黄 (Shu Di Huang) Processed Rehmannia Root
  7. 肉桂 (Rou Gui) Dried Cinnamon Bark
  8. 黄连 (Huang Lian) Coptis Rhizome 
  9. 石膏 (Shi Gao) CaSO4·2(H2O) / Gypsum Fibrosum 
  10. 知母 (Zhi Mu) Anemarrhena
  11. 葛根 (Ge Gen) Kudzu Root
  12. 麦冬 (Mai Dong) Dwarf Lilyturf Tuber
  13. 北沙参 (Bei Sha Shen) Coastal Glehnia Root
  14. 茯苓 (Fu Ling) Poria
  15. 冬虫夏草 (Dong Chong Xia Cao) Cordyceps

The dosage of herbs to be used varies according to individuals and can change over the course of treatment. Herbs that are used in a remedy should complement one another to suit the condition of the patient and it is important to consult your TCM doctor regarding the safe way to ingest the herbs. Usually, TCM herbs/medication should be taken with (warm) plain water. Avoid substituting plain water with tea, coffee or juice to prevent change in the medical effects of the herbs/medication.


In separate posts, I will share with you the basic medicinal properties of the above mentioned herbs, common misconceptions of them as well as simple recipes that you can try out at home!




Mabel @ singaporetcmblog

缤缤 @ 新加坡中医学部落格



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